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One of our design pillars at Naavi is to keep things simple. That means making sure that the newsletter you're designing is as close as possible to the newsletter your readers will read.

Today, we're launching an update to de-clutter some of our buttons and tools in the newsletter editor. This means a cleaner building experience that is much closer to how your readers experience your newsletter. Now when you click into the banner, page heading or page body a floating toolbar will appear, instead of these toolbars always being visible. We hope this will make building and publishing newsletters easier and make you more productive.

There are 3 places this update will effect:

1. The banner image. Click anywhere on the banner image to reveal the toolbar and enable dragging and resizing of the banner image.

2. Click inside the page heading to reveal the toolbar

3. Click inside the page content to reveal the columns and font options for your body text

We hope you enjoy the new streamlined experience. Please don't hesitate to let us know your feedback or any other ideas for improving iNewsletter!

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