New wave products and ideas for education
In this episode, Mike chats to our guest Cameron Ross, Digital Learning ICT Coach and Teacher based at St. Peters College, Cranbourne in Australia.He shares his hands-on experiences as an educator, content creator and colleague. This episode is full of practical takeaways for leaders and teachers alike!0:15      Meet our guest - Cameron Ross4:52      Teachers are hoarders6:23      The mindset of being the fountain of knowledge7:42      The 1:9:90 Rule8:40      Failure is okay - what is the worst that can happen?9:42      Cam's role as an IT coach14:05   Trends in teaching - how do you keep up?15:45   The overwhelm of choice when it comes to tech in the classroom0017:26   GROWTH coaching and collaborative teaching teams19:45   How to manage change fatigue in the new normal23:35   The place of online professional learning networks (PLN) for PLD31:00   Giving back via social media34:29   Cam's top 3 edtech tools for the classroom39:57   Tech tips for teacher empowerment

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