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Here at iNewsletter we’ve completely redesigned what newsletters should be. The old PDF newsletter, with its static content, tricky layouts and limited support for photos & video makes building an engaging newsletter really hard. Parents are demanding more connection with schools and their kids, and schools that can engage their parents in a positive manner stand to reap the rewards.

Now, you can build, publish and read the newsletter on the web. This move means building the newsletter has become faster and allows us to be more interactive and engaging than ever before.

Let me explain:

  1. A4 pages are irrelevant on the web
    With an online newsletter there is no more shuffling content to fit it an A4 page. iNewsletter pages expand and contract automatically to fit the content.
  2. Photos should be abundant
    Viewing a newsletter online means photos can be viewed full-screen when you click on them. Photos are the best tool we have for getting parents reading the newsletter. Many parents often only look for photos of their kids! Now you can add literally hundreds of photos to galleries without choosing which students to leave out.
  3. Measure your readership
    Being an online page means we can now track your readers. From time spent reading to type of device used. If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it!
  4. Mobile friendly
    It’s no secret that the web is moving mobile. PDFs are traditionally clunky on the mobile phone. Over half of our total newsletter views are now from the mobile devices. If half your parents are on the mobile phone, shouldn’t you be designing for the mobile?
  5. Set and forget integrations
    Publishing your newsletter is a one-click affair. No more uploading to the school website, maintaining an email list and posting to your school management system. iNewsletter makes this process automatic, with an automated email summary and email subscriptions built right in. Just press publish and your new newsletter is hosted, available and beautiful.

Take a look at this new format in practise here:

If you want to move your newsletter online you can get started here:

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