New wave products and ideas for education
Listen as Mike interviews Hamish Curry, Educator, enabler, and collaborator, on everything from the Design Thinking Process and the place of post-its to overcoming tokenism to authentically develop new intercultural relationships.  00:00:20    Meet our guest - Hamish Curry00:08:12    Design thinking for good learning00:10:50    The mindset, the skillset, the toolset00:12:54    From concept to implementation00:17:11    Change is not wholesale00:20:12    Local environment and learning design00:26:39    Prejudice in education00:32:25    Taylor Mali - What Do Teachers Make00:33:40    The Great Resignation & learning from each other00:37:41    Cultural responsiveness - where to start?00:40:00    Otto Sharma - The four types of listening00:42:48    Tokenism and the development of new intercultural relationships00:50:01    Losing my mojo - Hamish's blog post00:56:02    The next step at Cool Australia01:00:10    The industrialised model of education

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