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Yes, we’ve been listening. In order to build things in orders of magnitude better, sometimes you need to start over. That’s exactly what we’ve done.

The new iNewsletter brings a fresh, clean design to the newsletter creator and the reading experience. Everything is now even faster and more reliable. We’ve addressed a huge list of bugs and limitations of the old version while building strong foundations to carry us into the future of school communication. We are so very excited to share this huge milestone with you and welcome your initial thoughts 🎉

While this update brings a long list of improvements here are some that stand out:

Write anywhere on the page.

No longer do you need to add & juggle articles around the page. Just write where you are, set headings as needed and let your articles form as you’re writing.

Scheduling your Publish

Publish on time, every time. With scheduling once you are happy the newsletter is ready to be published you can pick a date and time to send it. At that time it will go out automatically!

Insert Tables — At last!

You can now insert tables, customise rows, merge cells and create header rows. We know how important this is and are excited to see how everyone uses them.

Setup your various social media links from the settings page. These links will appear on the cover of every issue to keep your community connected.

This is just the beginning, we have a myriad of exciting new improvements in the pipeline and are excited to get them shipped to you. If you have any issues drop us a chat message in-app.

Thanks for working with us, we really do have the best customers 😀

Michael & Blake
Naavi Founders
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