New wave products and ideas for education
In today's episode, we sit down with Michael Phillips from Monash university to unpack the research and practical applications around the TPCK framework.We dig into a range of topics such as:What is the TPCK model and can it be used an an evaluation toolDecision making in the classroom and the 5 things that help teachers make better decisionsThe role that transparent and emerging technology applies to TPCK and the way to support not classify teachers Why PCK is just 1 form of knowledge out of 7 that teachers need and the implications on team teaching and collaborationAbout Mike: Mike Phillips is the Associate Professor of Digital Transformation in the Faculty of Education, Monash University. His work focuses on the knowledge expert teachers develop when integrating educational technologies into their practice. Additionally, Mike researchers the ways in which expert teachers make active decisions about their classroom technology integration.You can visit Mike's profile page and check out his research HEREFor more episodes of the Outclassed Podcast go to

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